LUNA AD NOCTUM "The Perfect Evil In Mortal"

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LUNA AD NOCTUM "The Perfect Evil In Mortal"
  • Album: The Perfect Evil In Mortal
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: METAL MIND
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

The Polish didn't give up, instead they returned with a third album, conceived in the same Lunar Black Metal way as the previous ones. The style is labeled by themselves, so let's leave it that way. Still, what are they singing? Extremely aggressive Black Metal, entwined with a keyboard that lades the sound with a symphonic shade, all together in a Dark Metal dimension. Even if it's linear and wearisome, the sound is an explosive one, reminding me of "Moon in the Scorpio", but let's keep the proportions objectively.

Or, better said, Polish LIMBONIC ART! Many tend to compare this band with Dimmu or Cradle, yet I cannot identify any common element... except, perhaps, the liberated energy! Finally, a modest album, lacking personality but sounding good!