LUNARIS "...The Infinite"

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LUNARIS "...The Infinite"
  • Album: ...The Infinite
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

All recommendations advanced regarding such name were at least impressing: Asgeir Mickelson (SPIRAL ARHITECT, BORKNAGAR), Azarak (SPIRAL ARHITECT, SATYRICON), MAZTEMA (SPIRAL ARHITECT, MANITOU) or BALFORI (ex-1349). "Against" such line-up there is no way to imagine otherwise than a super production. Having a Death Metal background with Black Metal roots, LUNARIS brings up a direction that can be described as highly Progressive: extended and diverse passages, miscellaneous voices-yet the Black one (Balfori) seems to be much too brutal in comparison with the epic Heavy (Maztema) one-and keyboard is the only instrument trying to (and actually succeeding in) binding these extremes in such manner of high impetuosity. The aggressiveness sample is at its highest state...everything sounds perfect although I find a little exaggerated the Power/Progressive direction (pressure?) least, it is for my ears. It seems like choosing for such trend to interweave with extreme styles tends to become quite a fashion...but if we are realistic enough, we must admit that the Epic parts indeed act on behalf of the entire sound in a positive way. Of course, it is not exactly my cup of tea since my limit, as far as Progressive is regarded, has been already settled by WINDS while the rest of iron curtains end with Avant-garde Metal. Nevertheless I enjoyed listening to an amazing battery, a high quality Black/Death, entertaining guitars' tunes and a pleasant-sounding keyboard even if not at all bombastic. The rest of the instruments don't belong to Metal a prop which I usually promote...and that is why I prefer stopping here. Probably the band's future is to be a bright one despite of the fact that Asgeir's battery has been replaced with Janos' /V.E.G.A.... Time shall tell if the band's leader, the guitar player M, has chosen or not a successful musical direction. What matters for the time being is the release of this very debut which happens to be one of the best for this year...especially if we refer to the performing manner, which is, by all means, an elegant one!