LUX INTERNA "A Lantern Carried In Blood And Skin"

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LUX INTERNA "A Lantern Carried In Blood And Skin"
  • Album: A Lantern Carried In Blood And Skin
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: PROJEKT
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Sam Rosenthal sure knows what he is doing! It is no mystery why he is one of the scenes veterans who still hasn’t quit! This time he has decided to promote Joshua L. I. Gentzke’s music, a talented American musician who in his 10 years of musical activity has released a few albums that never really got acknowledged.
I’ve heard of this band by chance, through some compilations that fell into my hands throughout the more recent years. This time we are not getting a new album, but an anthology of tracks from their entire history, probably the best sequences. I can’t say for sure how much it’s Dark Americana, or Neo Folk or Neo Classical, the idea is that Joshua’s perfect voice (with an impeccable tonality) harmonises intelligently with other female voices, with violins, guitars and mandolins… If you like Nick Cave, David Tibet and Leonard Cohen or from the new wave, NOVALIS DEUX or ROME, then LUX INTERNA will surprise you in the most positive of ways. Im actually just getting ready to listen to the albums released in the past at Eis & Licht, as Joshua is more than a musician, I think he is a symbol of this underground scene, and someone whose true value , and I say this with outmost sincerity, I have discovered only now! If you have any doubts, try the track called “Your Lily White Hands” and you will see if he is that far off from the living legend that is Cohen! Even if it is not a conceptual album and the tracks have no links between themselves, the hearing of this album was a real delight for me.