MACABRE "Murder Metal"

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MACABRE "Murder Metal"
  • Album: Murder Metal
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • United States

I thought that after "Dahmer", the three demented players would start to perform more human sonorities as they must have had enough of horror music and sick lyrics! That was a wrong guess! Corporate Death, Nefarious and Dennis The Menace return, after a 3 years recess, with a new sample of extreme Metal, pretty difficult to be described in words. It is the same Metal parody, which reunites under Murder Metal orientation various stylistic influences: Death Metal, Heavy, Rock, Jazz, Punk, Folklore, and Classic... a funny ugliness that makes no sense for no one... Short tracks developed in themes based on morbid adventures belonging to butchers, serial criminals or cannibals... Noticeable is that both recording and mixing are highly professional... but does it matter or help anymore? I must say, this outcome really disgusted me first and then..., in best case, amused me! This is too sick even for the Third Millennium!