MADDER MORTEM "Desiderata"

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MADDER MORTEM "Desiderata"
  • Album: Desiderata
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Unbelieveble yet true! It's the fourth time I am trying to found something that I could like about this sound! Still, I cannot enter any resonance with those five Norwegians' music! Agnette's voice sounds more powerful and dynamic than ever before, an exceptional one when used on slow lines (it reminds me about The 3rd and The Mortal), but on the rapid/aggressive parts it gets irritating, even embarrassing! What are we dealing with? I guess there is too much noise, a too intricated sound, a lot of style interferences, starting with Rock, Gothic or Doom Metal, passing through Progressive and Power, even getting to Fussion, Alternative or Jazz. We have atmosphere, melody, rhythm (sometimes too much), the sound begets energy, dynamism, but it is too intricated and quizzical for my musical needs! I remember I saw them live a few years ago and I can see that my sense about their music is just the same. Of course, the sound has somehow matured meanwhile, we have a more professional performance, bla, bla... something is still lacking thought! Well, I'm glad they seem to be on the wave, touring a lot and gaining ground among admirers! Moreover, I am terribly curious to listen to Agnette's voice on the future WINDS album! If Andy Winter will explore her voice's melancholic and calm traits, we might behold a masterpiece! Whether he will allow her to rip the microphone into pieces, then I fear... but hey, let's get to live that moment and we'll talk afterwards!