MALIGNANCE "Regina Umbrae Mortis"

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MALIGNANCE "Regina Umbrae Mortis"
  • Album: Regina Umbrae Mortis
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

This is a return in time... back to that primitive furious and very fast Black Metal with an underground sound! Even the booklet is in Black and white like a kind of proof of delineating, for sure, from any atmospheric or progressive influence! The ex-DREAMLORD have come together under this very title in 2000 and, after releasing a MCD recorded in a different formula, the four musicians sign with the Italian label and release now this very debut. Since the sound is based 100% on that old style I think that even the voices remind me from time to time of what Tom G. Warrior used to perform in CELTIC FROST. Otherwise... just pure madness, chaos and noise! Most certainly all fans of classic Black Metal will find pleasing to taste this sample of technical brutality.