MALOMBRA "The Dissolution Age"

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MALOMBRA "The Dissolution Age"
  • Album: The Dissolution Age
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: BLACK WIDOW
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

What a voice... and what keyboards! Although the album is pretty old, I couldn't help myself in writing about it! Perhaps there are few of you who listened to this band's music... If so, then, don't waste time, listen to an unconventional sample of Dark Gothic Metal! This is one of the purest and most convincing Gothic albums I have ever listened to so far! Although the band has more than 10 years of activity and three albums released, I think there is little written and spoken about MALOMBRA! And this is a pity because their manner of execution is simply majestic! Mercy's voice is unique and its inflections... its low opera timbre are absolutely fascinating! I feel ashamed to tell you (and to be true!) that solely this year I listened to MALOMBRA for the first time but I am glad I had the chance! Well, this makes me think of how unfair is life and of how many modest bands come to enjoy a great publicity while some musical pearls, like this one, seem to always stay in anonymity. From the first tunes their skills in execution can be almost instantly distinguished and the Gothic they perform is an explosive one, while those Progressive touches come out both from guitars and keyboard! Yet, "basta" with superlatives, just that it is a brilliant album! For those who are more interested in this band, I tell you that the members are involved in other projects as well, such as IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO or HELDEN RUNE, both under the same Italian cult label.