Manes "How The World Came Town"

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Manes "How The World Came Town"
  • Album: How The World Came Town
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Clearly, they are into SF now! Understanding how come a band like this one is still promoted by a Metal label really troubles me! If I am to look backwards, I realize that today's MANES has nothing to do neither with their beginnings nor with the genius "Vilosophe". Far too electronic, chaotic, intricate, diverse, lacked in any direction of their own, and just politely called experimental, the new MANES convinces me into abandoning any glimpse of interest towards their future.

I am curious to see how long will they enjoy Candlelight's support into promotion! I doubt that the British label's target in what concerns this new work of the Norwegians will be achieved!