MANTUS "Königreich der Angst"

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MANTUS "Königreich der Angst"
  • Album: Königreich der Angst
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: TRISOL
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

When everybody thought that this band has split up, the album called "Requiem" was released and proved the rumour wrong. Further more, Martin Schindler and Thalia came out in a very short period of time with this material as well, one that has the length of an album, about 45 minutes, 10 tracks, two of them being remixes, while the rest the continuation of "Requiem". I can not say that MANUS is coming with a different melodic line than the one we have been used to, meaning Metal sounding guitars, a lot of keyboard and vocals singing in German. The piano seems to be pretty inspired in some sequences, where the atmospheric passages are overlapping with a repetitive and monotonous drum machine. The "Untergang" remix sounds really good, with the accent placed on the synth and the vocal mix which seems to resonate rather well with the atmosphere. I don’t know if its Rock, Gothic, Electro or Metal, but it is clear that MANTUS has a bombastic sound to it, full of rhythm and dynamic, just right to be seen live.