MAR DE GRISES "The Tatterdemalion Express"

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MAR DE GRISES "The Tatterdemalion Express"
  • Album: The Tatterdemalion Express
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: FIREBOX
  • Artist: 
  • Chile

This is a debutant band from a much distanced country and thus a great surprise for me...especially when I realize it actually is quality music despite of the fact it features nothing new or extraordinary! It is a depressive Doom Death Metal in SKEPTICISM style yet having a new fresh Progressive or Post Rock spirit, rather more melodic and accessible than other similar bands of this style. Keyboard and piano are the first elements to create a friendly responsive aura of the sound since otherwise all is so sad, hopeless and desolated. The violent voice proves it sometimes can be clear as well but it is rather a pale nuance of grey in a darkened morbid and tragic background! Nothing new, nothing fascinating... just a new Slow Doom Death Metal album!