Martolea "Galmele Intunericului"

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Martolea "Galmele Intunericului"
  • Album: Galmele Intunericului
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

An ex-collaborator of NEGURA BUNGET decided to start a solo project and this turned out to be a smart thing to do. Focused on instruments from the family of the flute, the woodwind group, Alin Drimus is trying to create a balance between the Nordic Black Metal and traditional elements, in this particular moment Bucovina being the source of inspiration. Alin still has some work to do on the Metal side, as it all sounds somewhat monotonous, repetitive, with a drum machine that can bother the year, while the voice isn’t excelling either. However, the Folk elements and the guitars seem to have found an inspired way of communicating, what is left now is to find a way of harmonising the others as well, in order to transform MARTOLEA from a simple studio project into an authentic band. As I said, the woodwind instruments sound extraordinary and the combination of Folk and Black Metal, even if it isn’t an original idea, seems to have a specific flavour, giving the young musician a lot of chances to success!