Martolea "Noaptea Dihaniilor"

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Martolea "Noaptea Dihaniilor"
  • Album: Noaptea Dihaniilor
  • Year: 2011
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Alin Drimus is known by Metal fans through his involvement with NEGURA BUNGET on the famous “Om” album, where the “Hora Soarelui” track sounds amazing. The talented musician of blowing instruments has a certain connection with the traditional folkloric sonorities and this is something to be appreciated. The Folk Pagan side is very fashionable in these days and more and more people easily embrace this style with all its derivatives. Alin showed us even with his 2009 demo (“Galmele Intunericului”) that he doesn’t want to entirely follow this path, his music being one that still retains that Grim Black Metal in Norwegian style, something like old BURZUM. And I say that because it is a solo project, the drum was done with a drum machine and the Raw screech smartly harmonizes with all flutes, horn and other blowing instruments. The vocals are aggressive and also normal, we have all kind of inserts, effects, and it’s not a boring album. I find it easily linear, however , perhaps because the fact that the material is conceived and interpreted by one person… better said, the blowing instruments represent the first violin of the album, everything seems to mold and be led by these whistles that sound fantastic! There are also shy rhythm breaks that are very well congealed and somehow seem to damage the stylistic concept, despite the clear intention of obtaining diversity. I also have a song I rate with a maximum grade, the developed aura is as authentic as melancholic and dreamy: “Zorii”!