MARTRIDEN "The Unsettling Dark"

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MARTRIDEN "The Unsettling Dark"
  • Album: The Unsettling Dark
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United States

After last summer's debut EP, I was waiting for a fulminate debut from the five... Unfortunately, MARTRIDEN doesn't overrun with the new tracks the average of modest albums, lacked in expressivity and authenticity but precisely executed. True, it is hard to oscillate between EMPEROR and OPETH, stay rooted in ENSLAVED and make it all sound as BEHEMOTH. In fact, this Polish band would be the merest comparison, because the approached Black Death Metal is a very technical one, quite rapid but also teemed with some technical and progressive sequences, while the keyboard is bombastic and saturated in symphonic elements and Epic interludes. It is rapid and aggressive more than melodic, and so this debut album proves that the Americans have a path of their own but they are still under the influence of some notorious European bands. Will their next material show a difference maybe?