MAYHEM "Chimera"

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MAYHEM "Chimera"
  • Album: Chimera
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Such a fuss for this new album! Everybody sustains it is a genuine sample of Black Metal without any compromises or modern touches, full of aggressiveness and virtuosity. All correct so far! But let's take a look under a different perspective: we entered the III rd Millennium and we talk about an etalon band greatly awarded on the market...I wonder is it all they can come up with?! Only common linear brutal Black Metal in lack of innovative elements or some created through their own egos? EMPEROR split perhaps due to a similar lack of great ideas...maybe felt had nothing more to express through Black Metal and wanted not to repeat itself, ENSLAVED entered other dimensions with a couple of albums while SATYRICON preferred to give up Black Metal in favor of Thrash...maybe thanks to a good offer received! Only the cult Band, DARK THRONE, still keeps this underground line in absence of any modern shades and some appreciate it...while others both indulgently and with respect regard Fenriz but have no courage to admit that since "Transylvanian Hunger" they haven't really listened to something new...solely the same album presented once and once again in more tracks...and more shapes over the years. Yet if we can understand DARK THRONE...we should be able to be that generous with MAYHEM too...right? Why so? Perhaps because of the previous album...this was a real challenge for the other musicians, pointing out that Black Metal can be successfully associated with other musical styles as well. So, they proved it was possible! I do respect their decision to turn back to simplistic Black Metal structured upon speed and aggressiveness yet...for now...MAYHEM is nothing but an ordinary band. Pity the history...