MAYHEM / THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL "Freezing Moon, Carnage / Jihad "

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MAYHEM / THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL "Freezing Moon, Carnage / Jihad   "

It is said that those two MAYHEM tracks are the only ones recorded in studio in the "golden formula". In fact, we can hear a very interesting into and a weird Black Metal track flavored with various touches. Probably it is a perfect catch for the collectors. The other band brings here a kind of MCD featuring 4 tracks already released in a LP version along with 2 bonus tracks. The Black Metal with Eastern influences performed by these English musicians sounds more melodic and features serious Oriental tunes and I suppose that the material is a kind of manifesto for what happened on 11 September at WTC. There are tunes reminding me of THE KOVENANT... as for the rest I think it is a material rather experimental but quite pleasing to the ear! I say it once again: probably this split is dedicated especially to the collectors!