MERIDIAN "The Seventh Sun"

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MERIDIAN "The Seventh Sun"
  • Album: The Seventh Sun
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Switzerland

This is just another amalgam desired to be successful! To be more precise it is about four Swiss who started to play Black Metal; a couple of years ago contacted Jack D Ripper/MORGUL and here came pretty quickly their debut. The style they approach, as declared, is Symphonic Black Metal and seems to contain all marks such direction requires, from melodic guitars and rhythmic battery till the very presence of bombastic keyboard and atmospheric echoes. This is a promising debut with a 100% Norwegian sound and first rate Black Metal but no more than this. I keep asking myself why there is not a distinctive personal image for Swiss Black Metal? Why can't they have an individual representation? I've been fed up with copies and so called performances of Nordic brutalities in music field...even if there are cases in which the manner is excellent! And I must admit that MORGUL definitely overcomes any further expectations... and as a matter of fact the album was recorded in Terje Refsnes' studio (the same as TRISTANIA, CARPATHIAN FOREST...). Of course, I cannot say the same thing as far as innovation is this album seems to be in lack of such and moreover has become already a subject of no one interest. And when I come to think that Swiss was the land where from SADNESS opened a new vision of music...I start to feel strange...