METAL RULES! "issue15, 2003 "

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METAL RULES! "issue15, 2003 "
  • Album: issue15, 2003
  • Year: 2003
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  • Romania

Jeff presents a magazine featuring almost all Metal versions and I believe such amalgam can only confuse the readers. How do you picture, right in the same magazine (Underground desired!), interviews with ROTTEN SOUND and SAXON? Less underground and much more Heavy Metal... and maybe even commercial since we can find here discussions with WASP, JETHRO TULL, DOKKEN or PAUL DI'ANNO. There are few dozens of reviews, succinctly made and somehow superficial and the same goes for the entire magazine! I had experienced a pleasing feeling to notice acid black humour between the lines, sometimes a good one, and other times pretty childish. Graphics is monotonous and I must warn you: each photo is followed by all kind of comments, more or less decent. Well, I suppose you can make an idea of how serious and profound this magazine is just from the fact it actually has a column of "answering readers' letters"! I assume this magazine is of a real success in States but not for me! As far as I am concerned this kind of effort doesn't wake in me any admiration at all! Sorry Jeff but we have completely different points of view about what Underground is or may be! 2116 Sandra Road , Voorhees , NJ 08043 USA ,