MEZZERSCHMITT "Weltherrschaft"

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MEZZERSCHMITT "Weltherrschaft"
  • Album: Weltherrschaft
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

I am deadly confused! Almost everybody passes on discussion subjects referring to the elite of Norwegian Metal, new and pure concepts...while I discover else! This project is guided by German concepts as far as the lyrics are regarded but as for the nicknames as well. The labels says the music ideology has nothing in common with politics, neo-Nazism, but the place you name the elite, there is no possible way not to identify yourself as exclusivist or doesn't matter. No comment! From the sound perspective: synthetic, artificial, created on and by real instruments but in no particularity from Black Metal trend. Although they are exponents of bands like MAYHEM (Blasphemer) or RED HARVEST (keys), it would be unfair to say the trio comes to play a common style. No way! Perhaps that avant-garde current has still something to say in their sound but I find almost impossible to define this mixture of Heavy Black Metal astounding riffs, a weird voice, Dark atmosphere, extra-spatial keyboard and Death Metal battery (Hellhammer). You can try by yourselves!