MIRA "There I Go Daydreamer"

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MIRA "There I Go Daydreamer"
  • Album: There I Go Daydreamer
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: PROJEKT
  • Artist: 
  • United States

I admit I first listened this album in a sunny, warm day, when the light colours had their sense. Maybe in a background like that Regina's clear as crystal voice can touch it's acme and the listener can be pierced by this Moody, hard rock/pop with a bit of arty experimental elements and female vocals. It's the first time I write about this quintet and I'm glad I had the oportunity to do it. Their music, very digestible, can be listened to relax or to rive yourself from a this uncomfortable world. Although their sound is more than a light one, there are also songs that print in your mind from the first chords, "No Other Way" being a ballad with eclectic vision.

The musical guide marks could be RADIOHEAD, MOGWAI, RIDE but, why not, even THE CRANBERRIES. The voice and the guitar communicate in an intelligent way, the Ethreal note reminding me of another band promoted by Sam at his own label, LYCIA. So, you can enjoy an hour of commercial music, comestible even for those who have never listened to such chords. But, on the other side, a music that reveals only the beautiful, the romantic and the perfect things from our souls. It that all? I really doubt I could listening only this kind of echoes.