Misanthrope "IrremeDIABLE"

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Misanthrope "IrremeDIABLE"
  • Album: IrremeDIABLE
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • France

Philippe and Co. seem not to give up as they continue on the same line they have started a few years back, offering us a new sample of Modern Metal, from Bombastic to Epic, from Heavy to Technical, with Progressive and Death Metal aromas. If the four seem to stagnate when it comes to the inspiration chapter, they are ahead of themselves when talking about virtuosity, this album being the best example of how to execute Metal in a professional form, with a crystal clear sound and an irreproachable mixing. Together with a perfect voice, with incredible modulations! I have listened to the album four times in a row and I am left with the belief that MISANTHROPE is the most experimented Metal band in France, its style being easily recognisable, something that gives a certain authenticity of which the musicians should be proud. I still wish to see them play live as I am convinced that they release a crushing amount of energy while performing in front of a crowed. I am sorry that I have missed seeing them play last year in Bucharest, but should the opportunity arise once more, I will most definitely not let it slip. The booklet is also quite elegant and full of technical details, managing to take us a few centuries back, to a period of time worshiped by MISANTHROPE.