Misanthrope "Misanthro-Terapie: 15 ann es d'analyse"

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Misanthrope "Misanthro-Terapie: 15 ann es d'analyse"
  • Album: Misanthro-Terapie: 15 ann es d'analyse
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • France

This very album is a tribute containing, besides 13 new compositions, a live version, 4 cover versions and over 4 hours of documentary/ reportage/ interviews with the band's members on DVD. It is rather a collection box for devoted fans and this is the reason I better insist on the CD, namely on the new material, which was recorded in the same studio as for the previous album, under Anssi Kippo's signature (CHILDREN OF BODOM, SYNERGY). I must say, a Dark Heavy touch is present again, vocals are as aggressive and angry as always and guitars' touches are greatly pointed out all along the album. The keyboard seems more diverse and I believe the best thing about this album is that the tracks are very complex, well structured and indeed assorted. In such terms we can listen to a variety of tunes from Hard' n' Heavy or Speed to Death, Power or Thrash Metal. It is for the time when I hear some Medieval echoes (some flute tunes!) well placed and thanks to which...Philippe's vocal inflexions simply enchants...either brutal or clear. It is beyond any doubt that The French are indeed genuine artists with their instruments and, despite the fact their music is not trendy, they manage to make it through the fashionable items! Outstanding!