Misanthrope "Sadistic Sex Daemon"

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Misanthrope "Sadistic Sex Daemon"
  • Album: Sadistic Sex Daemon
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • France

This time Philippe stepped forward a bombastic ultra-rapid and atmospheric sound. In other words, we can talk about a Progressive Power Metal with remarkable Heavy Metal virtuosities. On the other hand, that Dark note has disappeared for good even if vocals are still aggressive from time to time. This is an album addressed to a larger public less focused on extreme Metal but on melodic lines well interpreted and with show effects! I would like to see/listen to MISANTHROPE live and I am pretty convinced that a concert of these French musicians can provide more energy than 10 bottles of Red-Bull! I must say that those devoted to underground sonorities might get a little disappointed, but this is it... each one has an individual evolution. What is most important is the respect and if we take a look at this band history, I think they do deserve all the respect. However, I think this album is the best for revealing these musicians' instrumental skills and they really are good!