MISTRESS OF THE DEAD "Weeping Silence Of The Dead"

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MISTRESS OF THE DEAD "Weeping Silence Of The Dead"
  • Album: Weeping Silence Of The Dead
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Czech Republic

Vlad Cristea is an underground character who has decided to express is visions through music, the project at hand being a solo. The Funeral Doom Death Metal approach in the style of SKEPTICISM seems to be Vlad’s angle, with a throaty and not so aggressive voice but with a easily noticeable low tonality, long guitar riffs, oppressive, slow, drums that are grave but lack rhythm, a piano that can be heard in the background… and some effects… Nothing new, nothing original, however the resulting depressive atmosphere could become a hydrator for the fans of the genre. The CD is quite professional, with an elegant booklet and with an ok sound. In the meantime two other releases have appeared, “I Know Her Face From The Tombstone” and “Funeral Of My Soul”, in the exact same manner, but nevertheless worth being noted. With a slowness of sound specific to the Finnish Funeral style, with accents placed on the American Doom Death Metal and with a few elements of its own, MISTRESS OF THE DEAD seems to be a project that deserves attention, even if after a repetitive listening of the three albums, boredom seems to sneak in… But one thing is sure, you will enter its hopeless atmosphere after only a few harmonies. But there is need of something else… Perhaps on the next one?