MIZAR "A View To A Flower Garden"

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MIZAR "A View To A Flower Garden"
  • Album: A View To A Flower Garden
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: CORVUS
  • Artist: 
  • Macedonia

Here I am, writing for the first time about a Macedonian project. Emil always surprises me with his way of tracing the bands to promote and I truly appreciate his effort into offering them his support. This stands as a proof for the fact that the Bulgarian label has no borders or stylistic confines. Who is MIZAR? A famous band within the ex-Yugoslavian area, having over 20 years of activity and approaching a classic Dark Wave style, alike JOY DIVISION. Goran's voice is tremendous, with a truly expressive low tone, and I think he could easily give some lessons even to Pete Steele (TYPE O'NEGATIVE). Obviously the vocal inflexions are remarkable too, alternating between romantic, melancholic or sorrowful valences. The sound resembles the one specific for British Wave bands, Dark, melodic, fully Gothic but also unveiling Balkanic influences, especially as we have some tracks with Macedonian lyrics. Should we call it Byzantine Gothic Dark Wave? MIZAR is undoubtedly an experienced band within the Dark Wave dimension, and I am convinced that the ones familiar with such sonorities know this thing better than me. Therefore, I'll only brief into mentioning the release of this beautiful album, in an elegant digipack and enjoying an intelligent promotion.