Monumentum "Ad Nauseam"

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Monumentum "Ad Nauseam"
  • Album: Ad Nauseam
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: TATRA
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

I have impatiently waited for this album and I must confess I really experienced a great shock for the new sound! I am not in the position to appreciate if it is a change in better or worse, but I definitely can say it is an impressive charismatic one as well as ever. Everything started with a confortable mood opened by "Last Call For Life" a track of a Dark aura which reminds me of a similar certain atmosphere I meet at "In Absentia Christi". I'de even say it is the most "edible" and accessible one featured on the entire album. "Angor Vacui" has no connection with melody or rhythm... it is just like engaging into play-a-drama-of effects based on messages coming from desperate sky pilots... some whispers... and... the end of it. "Distance" embraces a more atmospheric presence and the female voice is the guilding light... while the sound of the instruments simply doesn't cease to bemuse my ears.

"A Tainted Retrospective" is a progression full of multidimensional dynamic... due to the instruments' effect yet also because the insightful clear male voice which is a kind of accelerator shaping the tune's structure. Here from it starts to unwrap, big and strong, Alternative, Pop and Electro movements while the Dark ones are "feeding" the background. "Perche Il Mio Amore" is a cover version of which my comments are superfluos since my Italian is close to "niente" and moreover I hadn't the opportunity to listen to Fausto Rossi's original version... but there is a strange fusion, beyond words, of Pop, Wave, Techno and Rock. "Numana" belongs to an instrumental sphere as it is a track of such and has certain warmth of calm meditative tunes where there are as well some shades of Ambient/Industrial. "No redemption" is tune of which... the title says all it has to be spoken... a baritone voice sometimes becoming whispering melting inside a grave piano harmony with staccato rhythms... it is just a superb return of the Dark sound into a timeless unmarked space. "I Stand Nowhere" sets is motion with a female voice which reminds me of old THE GATHERING and there can be distinguished as well some Metal constituents in the company of a dramatic background which is built firmly by drums and battery... it seems like some guitar echoes arise and the atmosphere becomes smoother and smoother... perhaps due to the ardour of such effusive voice... "Reaping For Abel" absolutely surpass any phantasm... the piano, the male voice inflections (a low but outstanding voice reaching similarities with IN THE WOODS...)... are simply magnificent and the whole track induces a nostalgic romantic aura where you are guided by poetic shadows... theatrical ones... and all in all it creates a counterfeit introspection which is all of a sudden engraved by the incoming tunes of last musical succession... namely "Under Monochrome Rainbow".

Following Alternative Electro, the Italians endeavor to forward simultaneously through all instruments a certain message... and I assume the track would be just perfect for an action motion picture in which the final act is just about to happen... like a complex recital of events structured on artistic ingredients, the voice is the point key and is escorted by a battery rhythm almost repetitive and even bothering.... Perhaps too much of a rhythmic session for my tastes. I just entirely described you the last MONUMENTUM album! What have you understood? Almost nothing... is it right? Or perhaps everything... I acnnot say it is about an avant-garde music... but there is more to be sttled: what they perform now has not the slightest connection with any common musical trend. It is just MONUMENTUM, a baffling sound that perplexes you... yet in the same time it is a sound full of mystery while the desire of exploring is just the little engine which keeps working in the listener's mind! It might be Rock/Metal for Pop fans and rather too Disco for consecrated Dark Wave disciples. From another point of view, it is an album requesting for exquisite patienc in order to carefully listen to... and it is away beyond words can define it...