MOONSORROW "Kivenkantaja"

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MOONSORROW "Kivenkantaja"
  • Album: Kivenkantaja
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I have no words! This is an impeccable execution! This is Epic Black Metal in the most Nordic shape bursting in traditional/folk movements, war-like vocals, majestic choirs, genuine instruments... well, a veritable replica to what BATHORY used to be ages ago! Vocals accurate interchanges with atmospheric keyboard and various rhythmic transformations, all in a sane masculine note of a confident beauty... simply make of it a fine piece of collection! My complain is connected with the acute lack of originality in essence since the contours are pretty well modelled and can smoothly get genuine from time to time. The album is of a better arrangement than the previous one and perhaps this is their climax! More than this, in the same manner, would be nothing but repetition and stagnation. There is as well a track with female vocals but nothing impressive except probably the nostalgic note. Otherwise, good long tracks full of various resources; the epic dimension elegantly intertwines the atmospheric one but in a strong bombastic and inspired Black Metal background.