MOONSORROW "V: Hvittety"

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MOONSORROW "V: Hvittety"
  • Album: V: Hvittety
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I've been waiting for this album quite some time, as I was truly curious to experience the new Epic Folk Viking Metal sample created by the Sorvalli brothers! If I take a look back to recent history of the band, especially to the last two CDs, "Kivenkantaja" was a genius one, while "Veriskeet", released two years ago, has been less powerful than the previous, probably due to the fact they've already reached the maximum execution level till that particular moment. I used to believe that we'll get to listen to a new Black Metal sample, yet I've lacked certainty in what concerns the specific approach. Now, I can tell for sure that the two tracks of the album, of an approximately 30 minutes length each, enhance a less Epic and bombastic Viking Metal, oriented towards a rather experimental Black Metal, more complex and intricate as ever before. It is an excellently conceived and performed material, with killing guitar riffs, abundant keyboard and exquisite multiple vocals - starting with the normal ones, going through martial, all the way to the aggressive ones, specific for Norse Black Metal. I wouldn't say it's MOONSORROW's best album, yet it is the most technical for sure. Moreover, I wish you to know that, along various influences from "Twilight of the Gods"/BATHORY, the new MOONSORROW is, finally, a Viking version for "Heart of the Ages"/IN THE WOODS... The extra long intro of the first track, saliently resembles, in structure, the legendary Norwegian album, so you really have to delight yourselves with these Finns music! It would be false for us to say they've plagiarized another bands, yet it is obvious that their entire background is rooted in concept alike the ones I've mentioned above.