MOONSORROW "Verifakeet"

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MOONSORROW "Verifakeet"
  • Album: Verifakeet
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

The Finns don't contest themselves and go on on the same Epic Heathen Metal line, but not at all as good as on "Kivenkantaja". More correctly, I think that MOONSORROW have done everything that could be done with this style and now they just repeat with other accords what they have been doing for many years. I remember that all their albums received very good marks in Kogaionon and this because this style, with roots in BATHORY, is one of the ones that I prefer. In this case we are talking about 4 long songs of over 14 minutes each and a shorter, traditional fifth one that has nothing in common with Metal... its choice seems a bit forced to me as well as its bonding with 4 Epic songs, that sound pretty alike. The sequences can be considered battle hymns, with a lot of atmosphere, bombastic, full of folk Finnish elements, but inlaid in a melodious and rhythmic Black Metal frame... but their length becomes tiring, giving to the listener the sensation of bore and repetition. As a strong point, I consider the song "Jotunheim" the best from the whole MOONSORROW activity, that easely can be distinghuished and overhelms the one who wants to be carried by an Epic aura with taste of "glorious past"... Conclusion: a good album for the Metal scene, but too monotonous for MOONSORROW.