Moonspell "Lusitanian Metal - DVD"

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Moonspell "Lusitanian Metal - DVD"
  • Album: Lusitanian Metal - DVD
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: METAL MIND
  • Artist: 
  • Portugal

The much awaited DVD of the Portuguese has now been released and this double album is a must have, especially for the fans of the Portuguese quintet! Over 70 snippets from concerts, videos, making offs, interviews, footage from rehearsals, starting with 1992-1994 and ending with the concerts from Katowice, in 2004! A complete material, professionally made, one that deserves all the praise. Even if for me MOONSPELL ended for a good while now, I must admit that watching this material proved to me that Metal Mind Productions is a label that makes DVDs of the best quality: image, sound, photos and the booklet!