MORIAN "Sentinels Of The Sun"

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MORIAN "Sentinels Of The Sun"
  • Album: Sentinels Of The Sun
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Consequently after AMORPHIS, SENTENCED and the popular HIM, more and more bands try to express their Rock & Metal melodic feeble intentions throughout somehow cloned albums. This is the exact case of this debutant band that has already succeeded into impressing solely after "Away From The Sun" EP. True, all right, this quite rhythmic and atmospheric track has been intensely promoted on various commercial channels. On the debut album there are tracks that sound good, while others seem confusing making it certain for me that it is not a conceptual album. Some might turn into ballads or top pieces as the one on the EP or "Sleep Of The Just", as they sound so melodic that you can almost state it's HIM alongside TO/DIE/FOR. Otherwise, this Rock and Metal Atmospheric mixture is into suffering, especially on the sequences where Power frames try to enhance the sound with dynamism! If we are to follow the same rationing path as we are dealing with a debut, then we can turn indulgent and appreciate the interpretation. And so, maybe originality will find a place within the next album!