MORNING AFTER "Beneath The Real"

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MORNING AFTER "Beneath The Real"
  • Album: Beneath The Real
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

I suppose the luck (advantage?) of these two young musicians is none other than the nationality (Greek) since the Greek label has offered them a contract in a short time. I do admit their musical approach is not to be framed in common terms since their stylistic palette is actually pretty assorted. I think this album can captivate interest of KATATONIA, CREMATORY, CEMETARY and even HIM or LINKIN PARK fans. Melody and Atmospheric are fundamental elements for this very concept but I think Classical Metal or Gothic Rock are not to be forgotten. There are both clear and screaming vocals and the guitars' sound is often covered by an abundant synth. Well, I think it is about a complex New Modern Metal and it sounds good but I find it somehow rather too diverse, which confused me in framing it a way or another. Perhaps, after a second album, I might pronounce myself if this Experimental Metal is serious enough or simply just an unfortunate tentative to play something different than what's fashionable. There must have been some inspiration but I am afraid it wasn't enough so that this album could have been labeled as a sensational debut!