Mortemia "Misere Mortem"

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Mortemia "Misere Mortem"
  • Album: Misere Mortem
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Napalm
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Morten Veland is clearly seen to be musically “suffering” after the separation with TRISTANIA. He partially expressed his idea through SIRENIA project, but which seems to be softer and somewhat too melodic for what he liked to do. And therefore, something else appeared, MORTEMIA.

From what it seems, it is only a solo project, which manages to satisfy from the first riffs all the “beyond the Veils” fans. Actually, this debut seems to be a sequel of what he had been doing in TRISTANIA in old times, meaning serious music ! The masculine chords interfere with the feminine ones (heavily computerized), the guitars are extremely stilted, the keyboard/synth overwhelms the listener’s ear and Morten’s voice oscillates from normal tonalities to even the most Black Metal echoes possible. Besides the fact that it is very atmospheric and bombastic, this debut has a theatrically epic note, based on rather simple, but paced drum structure. I do not know if I could label such a sound as being Gothic Metal! It is Morten Metal, because only he succeeded so far to create and express in the most original way possible a musical style tried to be copied by many, including the actual TRISTANIA.

If we are to look at things from a critical point of view, the songs are too similar to each other, there aren’t many conceptual or structural variations, maybe only some shades… it seems to be loosely repetitive and there isn’t a diversity which would make you listen again to the album with more attention, to discover new elements, interludes, passages… it is an album which slams you from the start with its dynamics and melodic expressivity and it holds the same knot during the 9 songs. It’s clear that Morten needs in MORTEMIA new characters who are to express their musical point of view as freely as possible, in order to bring forward what he started many years ago with the brilliant (at that time) TRISTANIA ! Anyhow things would be, the ones who embrace the first 2 TRISTANIA albums will remain enchanted, for sure !

What I really liked is the guitar solos, which try to express a very Heavy note on a well-favoured Gothic Metal structure. Even though there’s nothing new for this artist, MORTEMIA brings a fresh breath to a musical style somewhat oversaturated by vapid bands. I’m waiting for a second album, let’s see if the artist is still able to impress those fans who wish something else than mainstream atmospheric sonorities !