Mortiis "The Smell Of Rain"

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Mortiis "The Smell Of Rain"
  • Album: The Smell Of Rain
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: EARACHE
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

If you desire for us to approach Disco music or to dance each one's partner on Enigma tunes, well, the new MORTIIS album is available! I still wonder why he did not inverted the name perhaps into SIITROM, as it would have sounded better! It is disgusting to listen to such tunes especially when knowing that in my CD player is a MORTIIS album. There is nothing left from Ambient or Dark, those that once were MORTIIS' creation. The Stargate turned out now into a common commercial world indulgently named Rock or Gothic as well, EBM or pop...since here is no difference! We can meet now MORTIIS' natural voice which, together with famous Sarah Deva's voice, confers the strange impression of listening to NINE INCH NAILS, DEPECHE MODE or SKINNY PUPPY.

It is a major change in what is available now and I wouldn't say I was tortured! I solely feel sad to observe how MORTIIS basically mocked the entire Ambient/Dark Wave trend, which he solely created many years ago. I also might read between the lines and say that finally MORTIIS delimited himself from the very reason he became so popular and famous. After almost eight years since he caused a revolution on Metal scene throughout a relatively empty monotonous and just instrumental sound (at least that was the preponderant perception of those times Black Metal fans)...after years of traveling from Norway to Sweden and back...MORTIIS brings up a completely changed album due to which, because of his natural voice, we come to realize that the instrumental version, he used so far, was definitely the best choice he had. At least as far as Dark universe is concerned! Farewell, MORTIIS and good luck inside these new realms you entered!