MOURNING BELOVETH "A Disease For The Ages"

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MOURNING BELOVETH "A Disease For The Ages"
  • Album: A Disease For The Ages
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: GRAU
  • Artist: 
  • Ireland

The Irish quintet outdone themselves with this new album! There are five elaborated tracks, their best album by far, a true sample of Doom Death Metal!!!! Originally alternating a solemn and throaty male voice (similar to ENTCHANTMENT), with a normal and warm one (sounding like SOLITUDE AETURNUS), along with prolonged, overwhelming and solemn guitar solos, dramatic drums, an overall grey atmosphere. After three albums trying to define and frame the band's musical approach, I guess I can say now that we're dealing with a pattern-like band for this slightly forgotten genre, Doom Death Metal. Therefore, from WINTER to ST VITUS, from depressive slow to Atmospheric (without keyboard), MOURNING BELOVETH succeeded to impose their musical style. A special release indeed!