MURDER CORPORATION "Tagged and Bagged"

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MURDER CORPORATION "Tagged and Bagged"
  • Album: Tagged and Bagged
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Such boring thing to listen to common Death Metal bands! That's DERANGED case, a Swedish band that, at the end of 1995, has decided to give birth to a new Metal project as brutal and violent as well since the only difference is the live-look of the three ones, performing on the stage, disguised with cowls . Murderers, manic massacre's time for the gathering around those infuriated people! It should be exactly on your taste. The explosive Death/Thrash Metal MURDER CORPORATION performs on their second album could only enchant by guitars' fastness and throaty voice. Otherwise, we can speak about virtuosity, lack of originality and inspiration as well, linear even common tunes, ravishing battery and holocaust in true sense of words! Either I was born much too earlier or usual fade Death Metal fascinates me no more. From the other side of the picture, brutal music fans shall certainly be satisfied to have listen those new tracks: expect to be tagged and bagged! Let us take a short look at the band's discography: "Blood Revolution 2050" MCD, "Kill" MCD, "Retract The Hostile" 7''EP, Split with VOMITORY, "Murder Corporation" CD, "Whole lotta Murder Going On" CD, Split with Grind Buto CD.