MURDER SQUAD "Unsane, Insane and Mentally Deranged"

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MURDER SQUAD "Unsane, Insane and Mentally Deranged"
  • Album: Unsane, Insane and Mentally Deranged
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: PAVEMENT
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

The ENTOMBED members and other DISMEMBER ones have decided, in 1993, to found a Death Metal band with the purpose to follow AUTOPSY line. No longer after a few rehearsals and two live performances, the four entered the studio and recorded this debut album. Nothing new or out of the ordinary, just Swedish Death Metal, a stifled background rather weird...some aggressiveness and that should be all as far as MURDER SQUAD is concerned. It is interesting-only for those who still find an option in classic Black Metal. PAVEMENT MUSIC/LUNA PRESS & PUBLICITY, Sjoholmen PL 4118, 731197, Koping, Sweden, ,