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  • Album: Suruntuoja
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Once again melodious Metal, once again Black Metal! Maybe it is good to have such bands as well but not so large in numbers! The oldest and luckiest bands have already picked up the fruits of such success! Mass pressure-inertia- makes the labels of today to promote and have great expectations in such musical style! Aggressive voices combined with recital ones even mighty ones, Heavy guitars from time to time rather too melodic, abundant keyboard in melodious passages, acoustic bombastic atmospheric interludes, simple rhythmic battery with fast twists...these are well known scenarios and in lack of interest for today's request! It doesn't sound bad at all and I see no fundamental criticizing to bring in here! Perhaps it is only that they come a little bit too late to impress anyone! Or maybe not...there still might be some nostalgic Black Metal disciples who hadn't enough of this style! A good interpretation and this is all I may appreciate! Moreover, the lyrics are in Finnish, therefore any mixture of terms like Pagan Heathen or Viking Metal is quite fitful for this band!