My Dying Bride "An Ode To Woe"

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My Dying Bride "An Ode To Woe"
  • Album: An Ode To Woe
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

Clearly, MY DYING BRIDE became a high brand, just good for excavating great money out of it. As proof to this statement, the label that has always supported them offered a new contract for 3 albums, without considering this particular DVD. The DVD contains the recording of the concert held in April 2007 at Paradiso Hall in Amsterdam, a so-called temple for modern music, as it is designed as a church, and which hosted so far, the live performances of Nick Cave, Nirvana, Sex Pistols or The Rolling Stones. Personally, I didn’t find it to be a special concert; it’s just what MY DYING BRIDE can offer on stage. The DVD’s advantages are that it includes the lyrics for all the tracks played in that concert, and the fact that the British made a smart mix between very old and pretty new tracks, showing throughout 13 sequences the true face of the legendary band. With the same theatricals as in the rest of his shows, Aaron has a charm of his own, yet after seeing several concerts held in distinct locations, you get the feeling that everything is repetitive on live shows, just the well known result of the classic copy – paste. I’ve seen them last year at Sibiu and that concert seemed better to me. Never mind. We are dealing with a collection DVD, promoted in an exceptional digi-pack that includes the CD with the same tracks, but with a more elegant sound and mixing… well, that’s a material that should have a place of its own on your shelves! I hardly wait the moment when they’ll release a new version, meaning one including the symbolic and caressing violin along the rest of the instruments… And my personal bet is that it will happen in the immediate future.