My Dying Bride "For Lies I Sire"

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My Dying Bride "For Lies I Sire"
  • Album: For Lies I Sire
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

Once I heard that the Brits want to reintroduce the violin in the MDB sound, my interest grew exponentially. After a lot of albums that were of quality but at all genius, I was now expecting to find something that could easily placed next to Turn Loose The Swans” or “The Angel And The Dark River”. Judging by the way the first track started, I was really starting to think that I was holding a new jewel. Unfortunately, the beauty and the glow only lasted on “My Body, A Funeral”: uplifting violin, atmospheric aura, imposing voice, prolonged guitars, asymmetric drums… After this track, everything remains locked into a Doom Death Metal cocoon, characteristic to MDB, but with little visibility. The exception is made by “A Chapter In Loathing”, where both Aaron's voice and the rest of the instruments transform the poetic Doom into extreme Death and Black Metal, perhaps the most violent sequence from the entire MDB history. In conclusion, a good album, somewhat over the preceding one, a plus for the reintroduction of the violin but a minus for the lack of variety concerning the new insertions that we were all waiting for.