MYRIADS "Introspection"

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MYRIADS "Introspection"
  • Album: Introspection
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Inside "Kogaionon" issue no. 7 you could have perused an ample interview with Alexander Twiss, the band's leader, regarding their debut album entitled "In Spheres Without Time". If up to me that material was good but in lack of brilliance, it seems like receiving much more favorable remarks for the metallic mass media. The new compositions strongly develop a progressive technical and even sophisticated side of these Nordic musicians' Gothic Black Metal. The very sound is very complex whereas knotty and less accessible for fans of undemanding melodiousness, male and female voices are now followed by diverse choirs, the instrumentalists are focused on the variety of the score, the piano becomes heard clearer... and I must say that everything sounds professional and elegant yet...I don't know...too many ideas in just 9 tracks! If for the former sound the "color" was missing as it really was synthetic and barren, now we can enjoy a rather too pastel sound interesting interpreted if paying attention when listening to. One thing, I believe it took too much time for this album to be released...but, from a certain point of view I guess it was worth it. Still you are the ones to decide what should be the qualification and quality of these new series. .