MYSTIC CIRCLE "The Great Beast"

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MYSTIC CIRCLE "The Great Beast"
  • Album: The Great Beast
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

It is interesting how good Germans when promoting their own bands are! This quartet is at its four studio album and I can admit it sounds the best of all!!! Powerful guitars, pronounced voice, atmospheric keyboard, female voice, perhaps a German replication of CRADLE or DIMMU... unfortunately, this is all we can listen to here. Not a grain of originality, neither of inspiration, it is just one of the luckiest German bands, that conquered Metal scene due to its modern and fashionable sound. If it were not for the general Black Metal success, I guess Massacre would not have signed with MYSTIC CIRCLE, not in a million years. But if there is money on the stake, as far as this style might produce, then, why not following the same path Nuclear Blast or Century Media does?! The album is a successful one, no doubt, from the concept point to the interpretation and it would be a huge mistake not to underline this exact aspect. It is just a representative sample of modern Black Metal, which should enchant all this style disciples.