NAE'BLIS "Beyond the Light "

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NAE'BLIS "Beyond the Light "
  • Album: Beyond the Light
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: NO COLOURS
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Depressive Black Metal in primitive version, underground, not modern at all but full of charm. Even if the recording and the way it was immixed are mediocre, Magnus Wohlfart succeeded in surprising me in an extremely pleasant way with this debut! His activity is pretty intense, projects like FOLKEARTH, YGGDRASIL, BROKKEN DAGGER or TRYMHEIM being eloquent examples. I remember that ten years ago, a completely unknown band was succeeding in making an exceptional album at the German label, which was at the beginning, too. Its name was DIMMU BORGIR... After so many years, NO COLOURS succeeds in finding in the Swedish scene a new Black Metal project of high quality, at least concerning the conception and the way it was approached. I would bet on NAE'BLIS and, with more support, we could expect a lot more. Going back to the music, I could say that the underground sound feels like home, the guitars and the extremely thick and brutal Black voice (maybe even desperate) remind me of BURZUM and the keyboard, very intelligently used, but not abundantly, outlines the original and unconventional melodic line. If I would tell you that the slow rhythm and the icy atmosphere given out by this sound sketches melancholic elements too, would you believe me? And let's not talk about the seclusion state, isolation, depression... excelent concept! An atmospheric journey to leave this world behind... and enter the world beyond the light.