Narsilion "Namarie"

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Narsilion "Namarie"
  • Album: Namarie
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: BLACK RAIN
  • Artist: 
  • Spain

Lady Nott and Sathorys Elenorth are two very talented young people who enjoy quite a fruitful collaboration, having recorded a demo and three albums in the space of four years. I will skip making references to their history or any other bands they are involved with as there are too many. If “Nelbereth” was a release that announced that this song of the moon and of the sun (the name of the band) was to become of some interest, with “Arcadia” all things became clear. This album is a small Folk Atmospheric Fantasy Medieval jewel of ravishing beauty, one that extracts whatever is best from performers and bands like ARCANA, DARK SANCTUARY, LORENNA McKENNITT, DARGAARD or ENYA. A new album followed, “Namarie”, released at the end of 2007, a lot more complex, with a medieval and more forceful aura than the one of “Arcadia”, but not as dreamy and meditative. But viewed in the overall, the album is the most mature of all the achievements, where the flute and violin combine perfectly with the percussions & the synth, while the contrasting voices shape an inspired harmony. Too bad that the third member, Dark Wind, retired from the band after just two albums, his flute being an instrument of reference for the band's sound. But even without it, I have great confidence that the new album that is already in the works will be over the precedents, the two successfully combining both activities: the often enough live performances and the work being done on the new tracks. Although their vocal efforts do not excel, NARSILION dominates exactly through this excellent balance between a dream-like instrumentation and the medieval rhythms. I am very curious to see them live, especially as they use as backdrops Tolkiens’ themes and therefore a fantastic universe, indefinable and impossible to localisable through our day to day benchmarks.