NEBELHEXE "Essensual"

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NEBELHEXE "Essensual"
  • Album: Essensual
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

The legendary Andrea Haugen, known from the Dark Haunting Ambient project AGHAST, decided some years ago to change the name into HAGALAZ RUNEDANCE and this way she succeeded to release some truly beautiful Pagan Folk albums. Now, Andrea returns with a new material, under a new name, placed somewhere at the crossing of Folk, Gothic, Electro and Alternative, transiting the Wave from the 80's and joining some Pop echoes, a very commercial material, lacked in atmospheric depth. I'm disappointed to witness the way in which a cult person, respected for her ideas and concepts rooted in pagan history (she also published a book about it) and that used them in an inspired and mystical manner into her music, came to the point of presenting us now an extremely commercial and barren work, within which only her voice seems to host a bridge to the past. Otherwise, everything is artificial, synthetic, rhythmic, slightly Dark and saturated in Pop effects.

Eigher I'm overlooking something, or... it beats me! Moreover, I'm looking at her image on the CD, and I find her dressed completely different from the way the sorceress used to enchant us in the past, now her outfit is sexier and mundane... If I add to all this the fact that Andrea also launched her own perfume brand... Definitely, it's time for me to turn restrained and press my end button.