NECROPHAGIA "Cannibal Holocaust"

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NECROPHAGIA "Cannibal Holocaust"
  • Album: Cannibal Holocaust
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United States

From the very beginning, it is not about a new NECROPHAGIA album, but a few rare tracks released occasionally in various demos. This is a tribute to Euronymous and only one single new uncensored track, "Cannibal Holocaust", while the sound, characterized by an alert rhythm, is very clear. I am sure that the material would have been disregarded if the CD had not enclosed a video-clip featuring frames from a real horror, extremely violent, and dangerous movie picture-I would say all susceptible heart ache people must be very careful! Don't you really understand it is absolutely outrageous to tape your own death or to eat, besides cannibals, rests of a friend of yours? What do you think about watching a pregnant woman being desecrated no longer after committing adultery? I remember I have seen this movie (some use to call it documentary) almost 15 years ago and I was very stupefied. For now on, you "benefit" of only of a few frames yet real and horror enough. For it is Thrash, Black, Death, Gore or Horror, I do not think it would make a difference the etiquette, as the most important thing is that Phil, Killjoy, Jared, Wayne and Frediablo are not normal, while deviated is a term too sweet for what they have in those deranged minds. Try imagining, for a second, there still are other musical projects featuring them in line-up, such as EIBON, AMICUSS, ENOCH, RAVENOUS, HELLPIG, WURDULAK, GORELORD, SOUTHERN ISOLATION or VIKING CROWN. Either they are very sick, or I am too innocent...Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!