NECROPHAGIA "The Divine Art Of Torture"

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NECROPHAGIA "The Divine Art Of Torture"
  • Album: The Divine Art Of Torture
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United States

The six angry musicians return with a new sample of Horror/Gore Death Metal, even sicker and inhuman than ever! Although it has been more than 5 years since their last album, well, the American band, NECROPHAGIA, has lost neither the rhythm nor the inspiration. The 11 new sequences are ruled by a sinister sober and really frightening atmosphere while the diabolic keyboard simply provokes a strange genuine feeling. I could say that it is for the first time when the Death Metal NECROPHAGIA used to perform, practically has changed its façade, absolutely different from what extreme brutality adepts might expect. Besides crazy guitars' riffs, an incessant battery and a bass low tonality, there is a mixture of demonic voices, which actually outlines a remarkable Horror picture. It is a well weighted album, refined and certainly of first class, probably of a great importance for the future of Death Metal (if this style ever continues to be) and a material that deserves praising words even if solely for the blaspheming atmosphere the musicians succeeded to create. A super gig is expected, all around Europe , and so are some sensational video clips directed by specialists who supervised the production of Cradle Of Fear, My Sweet Satan or Spiderman.