Negura Bunget "Maiestrit / Maiastru Sfetnic"

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Negura Bunget "Maiestrit / Maiastru Sfetnic"
  • Album: Maiestrit / Maiastru Sfetnic
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Prophecy
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

I started to write in a typical “review way”, meaning stating my own personal point of view and also objectively (it is said that this is how things should go when you write about something…from a professional POV) and I realized that I kind of got sick of writing reviews in certain way, framed in clichés and other professional stuff… So now I’m going to refer to the rerecording of NEGURA BUNGET’S “Maiastru Sfetnic”, now named “Maiestrit/Maiastru Sfetnic”, album which is due to the 15th of March at Prophecy Records, with a killer booklet and other image relating details interesting to many others.

I’m glad for having the pleasure of listening to this album a couple of days before the “great” weekend, meaning the weekend coming up and in which the ones once representing NEGURA BUNGET kernel will play, for the first time in Bucharest separately, at a 2 days difference. I believe the “Maiestrit reissue (initially realized in 2000) was NEGURA BUNGET’s most inspired move from the last period. Everything sounds perfect, the approached Black Metal develops an imposing transcendental aura, the cosmic dimension being retrieved on many arrangements.

We could firmly state we speak of an entirely another album, perfectly fitting the tastes of the ones breathing through WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, KRALLICE or ALTAR OF PLAGUES. Therefore, if you like the experimental sound and the force emitted by a legendary band’s instruments, GODSPEED YOU ! BLACK EMPEROR, then you might feel like home… obviously, reissued in a Metal version. “In-zvacnirea apusului” outlines a multidimensional note which leaves me speechless, it’s a truly ravishing song ! Same goes for “Al locului”, a song where even the clean voice’s valences are highlighted in a most inspiring way. The guitars’ expressivity is neatly harmonized with the keyboards, having psychedelic tendencies and the battery skillfully fits the dynamics and an irreproachable rhythm’s sound.

Many people say that “Om” would be the band’s best album, I can only say that “Maiestrit/Maiastru Sfetnic” is one of the most beautiful Black Metal albums from the whole European history and I wholeheartedly recommend it’s audition - more than 70 minutes of Experimental Black Metal. It is a real jewel and an interesting collection piece for everyone who respects this genre.

In order to give a flaw to everything, we are also presented 2 acoustic songs, as bonus, which try and succeed to “spoil” through that damn mysterious and tossed universe. It’s been a long time since I haven’t granted a maximum mark to Black Metal album and it is the first inland genre album I highly marked! Great pity that the nucleus has dissolved, too bad there has been such a great fuss on their break-up last summer… important is that, if we are to look back, we have reasons to be proud. If the future is going to be as impressive, only time could tell… This weekend we have the chance to see at work NEGURA BUNGET, as well as DORDEDUH, so let’s take the full part of glass: we can enjoy an incredible Romanian band’s history which broke all barriers and given expectations, NEGURA BUNGET, and a new band which broke that nucleus because of personal reasons, trying now to making themselves known on the market, DORDEDUH being the most avantgardist Black Metal project with a yet never seen potential !

"Maiestrit/Maiastru Sfetnic" is, for sure, the last NEGURA BUNGET album created by the former line-up (or “golden”, how many would say) about which there will be much to write ! We’re up to see with our own eyes if these 6 songs plus 2 acoustics could be performed in the same way live, by DORDEDUH or NEGURA BUNGET. Maybe by both, maybe by none of them… the past exists, let’s see if the present holds something beautiful for the future, each band lining up to show their fans their new orientations. See you in a couple of days at… ECHOES FROM TRANSCENDENCE EVENING.