Negura Bunget "N'Crugu Bradului"

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Negura Bunget "N'Crugu Bradului"
  • Album: N'Crugu Bradului
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: CODE666
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

It's been a while since Negru&Co had released a new material! I must admit I've been kind of shocked by the new sound because the traditional influences are very obvious from the very beginning and the atmospheric line seems to confer a new breath to this band image. Don't think they are not brutal any more or that they gave up a certain primitivism developed so well in the past! It is about the synth that is even more present now and that actually conducts all the instruments, especially within the parts of autochthon folklore where it definitely is the key element of the sound. The four tracks are extremely long, over 12 minutes each, the aggressive vocals are interrupted by a recited voice and the guitars keep the same tonality and orientation, which is Raw Fast Black Metal with no compromises but without technique or virtuosity.

The drums play again a dominant role in the band's sound as the explosive rhythms practically discharge a huge energy. Although the sound is more professional now, Negura Bunget still is in lack of perfection at this chapter since the final mixing is brut with no delicate touches. It may be possible for this to be the very desire of the members but I believe that in the third Millennium the mixing quality should definitely matter as a rule to be followed. Otherwise, this is a JUDAS ISCARIOT in a Romanian manner with lots of Epic Pagan Folk/Traditional tints, rather more complex and with obvious roots in the pagan ancestors' mythology. Well, I guess it is natural for you to expect the entire material to be in the traditional language and for the booklet as well as for the video-clip to feature an artistic facet... well, this goes for sure, superlatives are the only ones that can describe the digipack! The band's site was re-touched and now, the entire NEGURA BUNGET universe is connected with Dacian lands and Zalmoxis mythology. I believe this is by far the most profound album of theirs but there are chances to be as well the most introverted one in spite of a great Primitive Black Metal dimension! However NEGURA BUNGET still is the only respectable Black Metal band from Romania and the new album shall beyond doubt strike all curious fans!