Negura Bunget "Om"

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Negura Bunget "Om"
  • Album: Om
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: CODE 666
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

I hardly imagine skipping this album's review! Luckily, a reader reminded me about not writing a thing about the last release of these guys from Timisoara. OK. I know Negru since he was sketching the first demo with WICCAN REDE and during these last twelve years we've come across on several occasions. I know his interest towards history, in fact we follow the same path in this matter, yet he's far more involved and profound in his quests. Moreover, I know he prizes Norse Black Metal and that Fenriz is a drummer truly admired by him. Therefore, tradition entwines with Black Metal and generates the concept that has inspired for over fifteen years certain select groups; that's the ignition of derivates towards Heathen, Norse, Pagan, Viking Metal. In NEGURA BUNGET's case, they've tried throughout each and single one of their albums to individuate the sound, based on the aforementioned elements. Despite the fact they already have numerous fans, until this very album there was no sound identity. Of course, the sound was quite fine before too, consisting in quality Black Metal alongside the sporadically use of charming traditional elements, plus the band's seriousness both in studio and on tours, and a high quality imagery, all that have brought them the cult etiquette. These are the key elements that made NEGURA BUNGET the most known, respected and adored Romanian Black Metal band. Throughout "Om", NEGURA BUNGET enlivens the concept of transcendence within the listener, unveiling a remarkable Epic dimension, one that lacked their sound before. Passing by the folkloric instruments that they play and which are caressing the ears and smashing the sight during live performances, I also get over the atmosphere enhanced by an intelligently used keyboard that rarely scents fake due to the prolonged and repetitive accords, moreover I elapse the mioritic aura uncovered by the ambient fragments... but all in order to praise the way archaic/traditional gathers Black Metal within this material! I believe this is the point where NEGURA BUNGET succeeded into clearly contouring the bridge between the two dimensions, truly inspired on some pieces, other times far too brutal, the eternal copy - paste. The voices seem to have understood that vowel gradations open the gate towards perfection and, from this point of view, I see an obvious progress. It is, if you wish, the same concept that Overlord followed on "HEart of The Ages"/IN THE WOODS... "Cunoasterea tacuta" is the most eloquent example for that. Moreover, this sequence's video is truly superb, excellently contouring the Carpathian - Danubian - Pontic dimension, throughout a soundly pendulum waving from melancholia, towards real, via epic. Well, I've got a problem with the guitars all right, as they keep the Norse Black Metal scent and I find it hard to accept that Romania's most appreciated band hasn't find its way into demarcating from the Northern sound lines! "Om" is also the most experimental album in this band's history, proving that NEGURA BUNGET uncovers multiple resources... it's just that, until now, they haven't reach the right form of expression. How does Transcendental Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal sound to you? Quite fine, even bombastic, yet there are far too many distinct elements harboured in the same sound, aren't they? Well, this is my sense over the album! "Hora Soarelui" is the most beautiful and harmonious piece, and also the most representative one for the new NEGURA BUNGET sound. It is the Metal version for PHOENIX if you wish! The album has an exquisite digipack, conceived by the same master of imagery Dan/Encoil, and deeply resonant with the traditional and transcendental musical approach of the band. Plus, we have a high quality DVD, with several videos, concert fragments and a detailed interview with the members of the band. Once you run over these details, there is no way to miss out the deep symbolism inspiringly created by NEGURA BUNGET within "Om"!