Negura Bunget "Poarta de Dincolo"

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Negura Bunget "Poarta de Dincolo"
  • Album: Poarta de Dincolo
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: CODE 666
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

The last release of the famous Romanian brand is also the last one under the emblem of the Italian label CODE 666. It is a 4 song MCD, somewhat darker than “Varstele Pamantului”, but also more superficial (overall viewed) as compositional structure. I don’t know if we’re talking about an experiment with this MCD, but I know that the track “Frig in Oase” seemed to me a step forward and a smart way of approaching other territories… What Inia Dinia is doing here reminded me of old AGHAST and those incantation forms are fascinating indeed… the keyboard is smartly used and the atmosphere is as dark as mystical and introspective… a real soundtrack! In the future, I would like to hear more Dark Ambient touches on their music, because the Pagan style they insisted upon on the last album doesn’t get to me almost at all. But this is a round trip, for some might not resonate with these sonorities lacking rhythmical shape or melodic structure. What else do we have? 3 songs that are dominated by a rather atmospheric Folk Metal aura, where the keyboard overflies almost everything, the traditional blowing instruments sound flawless and the whole percussion part is the sound’s relish. Negru proves once again his technique, the battery being the only instrument that communicates straight with the keyboard. I find the guitars the weak point of the material, without form or expressivity, rather of maintenance. The voices have good and bad parts, where they are heard in choir, they sound satisfying, but the aggressive parts are deplorable, almost bothering the ear… The track “Poarta de dincolo” seems, however, from another movie, without inspiration and quite dry. “Hotar” has a beautiful stylistic construction and “La Marginea Lumii” points out the pan-pipe, which sounds incredible! Too bad that the rhythm breaks don’t have that high standard, the keyboard trying hard to replace the mediocre guitars.

No matter what, NEGURA BUNGET is our brand and we have to rejoice that their appreciation is fantastic outside Romania as well. It’s clear that the line-up changes put their mark upon the musical concept but it is admirable how Negru stubbornly tries to keep the standard high, with ups and downs. In 3 years, since the “great schism”, NEGURA BUNGET performed hundreds of times and already released an album and a MCD, well received and very well sold. Moreover, a new DVD, “Focul Viu” was released, a collector’s item for every Black Metal fan. It is a last occasion of seeing the 3 ones together (along with the other collaborators, more or less constant) and this says it all. Each of them is on their own way now, each with his own stylistic orientation and identity, I tend to think their personal issues attenuated and hid under a forgotten carpet, in a corner, somewhere… and that is good, for there have been too many discussions in the last years through comparisons and competition, defending different camps and comments, for and against. NEGURA BUNGET spoke less in the last 3 years but released 2 much appreciated materials, despite the great line-up changes. DORDEDUH created only a short vinyl and a much too long wait. We shall see in the autumn, when the DORDEDUH debut shall be released. It should be mentioned here SYN ZE SASE TRI, because there are members that played in NEGURA BUNGET in the last years (as guests or officially), but their music doesn’t have much to do with what the other 2 bands from Timisoara do, see the chronicle. I wish them all good luck! For me, still “Maiestrit” seems to be the local Black Metal’s apogee. At least until now…